My New York Fashion Week Experience on Storybox!

Published on September 11th, 2012 by Lauren Valenti
New York Fashion Week Storybox

I’m truly elated to share with you my feature “A Day in the Life” during New York Fashion Week by way of StoryBox. is an incredible social image-based storytelling platform which allows you to create beautiful collages fast and easily. By taking images from my personal Instagram and combining them together, the team at Storybox has chronicled my fashion week journey in a way which is unique to me as someone extremely passionate about fashion and music. Reminiscent of scrap-booking, StoryBox is a perfect way for me to keep track of my musings on the go!

The best part about Storybox, is that it encourages its users not only to create their own Storyboxes, but to share and remix others.  If you’re interested in remixing one of my Storyboxes, proceed to the site here and follow the instructions!

Be sure to join in on the sharing and remixing on Storybox today, as well as follow them on Twitter (@storyboxit) and Facebook. Happy Storyboxing!

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