Christopher Bailey’s Burberry Acoustic Project Highlights Britain’s Emerging Music Artists!

Published on August 2nd, 2012 by Lauren Valenti

If all fashion houses were as passionate about music as Burberry is, the world would be a better place. Plain and simple.

Burberry Acoustic Album

For the past two years, Mr. Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, has headed a project, entitled “Burberry Acoustic” which sheds a spotlight on emerging artists from Britain. ”Music is so important to Burberry, as it is to everyone,” explains Mr Bailey. “With Burberry Acoustic, we wanted to bring people into live contact with bands that we love, bands we admire and bands we believe in.” The project was in full flight last September, when the “Burberry Acoustic” LP was released. As the first release of the collaboration series between London Fashion Week and Sony music, the album features a slew of emerging artists, along with classic British Artists such as David Bowie and Elton John! The album art was even designed by Mr. Bailey himself and features his own photography! I encourage you to have a listen online as the album isn’t available for purchase on iTunes here in the states.



  1. David Bowie – Eight Line Poem
  2. Ramona – How Long (for Burberry Acoustic)
  3. Elton John – Skyline Pigeon
  4. Midge Ure – No Regrets
  5. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Joan Of Arc
  6. The Pogues – Tuesday Morning
  7. Status Quo – Everything
  8. One Night Only – Just For Tonight (Acoustic)
  9. Squeeze – Who’s That
  10. Patch Williams – Jealousy (for Burberry Acoustic)
  11. The Boomtown Rats – Diamond Smiles
  12. The Housemartins – Flag Day
  13. Good Shoes – City By The Sea (for Burberry Acoustic)
  14. The Waterboys – Trumpets
  15. Carter USM – The Impossible Dream
  16. The Pogues – Love You ‘Till The End
  17. The Animals – The House Of The Rising Sun
  18. Life In Film – Alleyway (for Burberry Acoustic)

In addition to the release of the album, Burberry has made a point of using social media to spread the music! If you follow Burberry on their YouTube channel, you’ve most likely had the pleasure of viewing their short music films, which feature their favorite up-and-coming artists. From “Remember” by  Misty Miller to most recently “I’ll Move the Mountains” by Roo Panes, the films mix the artist’s acoustic melodies with the Burberry visual aesthetic. The films continue to rack up hundreds of thousands in views and I predict that Burberry’s music project will not only continue, but encourage other fashion houses to face the music!

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