Lady GaGa and Jean Paul Gaultier’s “GaGa by Gaultier” Interview to Debut During New York Fashion Week

Published on August 10th, 2011 by Lauren Valenti
Lady Gaga Jean Paul Gaultier

In what is sure to be a fashion and music collaborative masterpiece, designer Jean Paul Gaultier interviews the outrageous fashion maven herself, Lady GaGa. Entitled ” Gaga by Gaultier” the fashion film, which has already made its rounds in France, will make it’s American debut in a felicitous fashion during New York Fashion Week.

Upon hearing of this, my train of thought immediately went back to the year 1990, where Madonna embarked on her Blonde Ambition World tour and was dressed by none other than the theatrical Gaultier himself.  From the iconic pointy cone-shaped brassiere to other interpretations of the “lingerie as outerwear” fashion statement, it seems Gaultier has a knack for musicians and their sartorial desires. Naturally, one can easily draw comparisons between The Material Girl and Miss Gaga and it seems Gaultier has crowned GaGa as the queen of pop. However, Gaultier has said in defense of Madge’s legacy on the topic of Lady Gaga, ” I think she’s talented and very inpolitically incorrect, which I love. But I also think that she read up on Madonna’s life and learnt it like the Bible.” Amen to that, Sir!

While the interview within the film is technically Gaultier interviewing GaGa, it is presented in a dialogue style which can make any high fashion fanatic feel like a fly on the ‘mecca of fashion & music’ wall. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, GaGa and Gaultier discuss fashion and how it can “transcend itself as mere clothing to become a powerful form of visual art and expression, and how the singer uses that power to communicate ideas to her “Little Monsters.”

Watch the sneak-peak below which previews their meeting, wild GaGa fashions featured in the film, and more! Not to mention the incredible string-ensemble version of Bad Romance, Alejandro, etc.!)

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